Welcome to the Belgravia Awards nominations page

Please nominate those that you feel are worthy of recognition in the Belgravia community. Nominees should have a significant involvement with the Belgravia community.

Local Hero

Recognising a person who goes the extra mile to help others and creates a stronger community.

Charitable Champion

Recognising a person or business that has done outstanding work for a good cause.

At Your Service

Recognises a person or business that has created something of lasting benefit to the community.

Lifetime Achievement

An individual who has made a big difference to the area.

New Friend

A new entrant, person or business who has made great strides to contributing to the community in a relatively short time period.

Old Friend

An established personality or business that continues to be appreciated by the community.

Friend of the Earth

A person or business that is making positive strides in sustainability.

Made in Belgravia

Celebrating craftsmanship and creativity in the neighbourhood.

Bright Young Thing

A young(ish) person that lives or works in Belgravia that deserves recognition for their achievements or inspiring positive attitude

The Arts Award

Words, pictures, dance, music, mime… You name it, the canvas of creativity is wide and creativity in the arts enhances our experience of the world and our area.