Welcome to the Belgravia Awards nominations page

Please nominate those that you feel are worthy of recognition in the Belgravia community. Nominees should have a significant involvement with the Belgravia community.

Local Hero

Recognising a person who goes the extra mile to help others and creates a stronger community

Made in Belgravia 

Celebrating craftsmanship and creativity in the neighbourhood

Charitable Champion

Recognising a person or business that has done outstanding work for a good cause

At Your Service

Recognises a person or business that has created something of lasting benefit to the community

Lifetime achievement

An individual who has made a big difference to the area

New Friend

A new entrant, person or business, who has made great strides to contributing to the community in a relatively short time period

Old Friend

An established personality or business that continues to be appreciated by the community

Friend of the Earth

A person or business that is making positive strides in sustainability