David Morgan-Hewitt, managing director of The Goring on Beeston Place, shares a few of his favourite things – from Anthony Hopkins to Asprey. As told by Jonathan Whiley.


I love Barbados but my favourite place is probably New England. If you fly into Boston and go up the coast there are some very nice hotels with very good hospitality. I go back there more often than I go to anywhere else.


My favourite singer is Noel Coward. The wit and charm in his lyrics, coupled with the wonderful voice he had, are such a joy. For the last 20 years when you are put on hold if you call The Goring, you will be serenaded by Noel Coward classics.


Anthony Hopkins is my favourite film actor. I met him once when we were staying in suites next to each other in Mexico City. It transpired that he had held his wedding reception at The Goring – a little before my time. My favourite actresses are Dame Judy Dench and Dame Maggie Smith. They are just as wonderful in real life.


My favourite is Purple Water by Asprey. I first bought this many years ago and have worn it ever since. I love its fresh, gentle aroma. A couple of years ago we introduced the range as our bedroom amenity here at The Goring and now all of our guests can enjoy my favourite fragrance.


My hero is The Queen. I think she has served this country unbelievably over the past 65 years with hardly a foot wrong. Her dedication and boundless energy and commitment is a lesson to us all.


Linley. I’ve been lucky enough to buy a number of their tables, chairs, photo frames and other wonderful items over the years. It is the incredible attention to detail of luxury and true style which I love about the shop. Linley also designed The Dining Room here at The Goring just over a decade ago and it is as fresh and elegant today as it was then – a triumph of exquisite design.